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RPM Plastics has the capability to mobilize equipment up to 250,000 lbs by standard Neoprene Dollies or Air Bags (Air Bearings) through your facility. We supply standard flat beds with Canopy system to Extendable Double Drop trailers. Because of our technical background RPM Plastics adds the "Value" into rigging your equipment by doing not only the installation, but we also take the installations to full start-up of the equipment.


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Key Plastics

Installation of multiple machines internationally, Internal Plant Mobilizations to Optimize product flow through facility, and disposed of obsolete equipment.



Disassembled and relocated approximately 150 pieces of equipment that included: Injection molding machines, Machine tools, and other equipment for relocation from Mississippi to Tennessee.


Kord (WEK)

Disassembled a number of Injection Molding Machine workcells, Extruders and downstream equipment, Tool Room, Central Chiller & Tower System, Material Handling System, and offices and installed them into new facility in North Carolina.


Clarion Technologies

Relocated several machines and robots from Iowa & Michigan and installed Injection Molding Machines into the South Carolina facility. Also, performed multiple internal mobilizations for process and product flow along with disposing of obsolete equipment.


Master Precision Global (MP Global)

Installed several new and used equipment along with central water and air systems into new facility in South Carolina.


Jarden Plastics

Plant consolidation and plant purchases of surplus equipment